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The tool Liquid Liquid Leather Leather for self-repair and restoration of leather goods and things.

Offer type: salePublished: 18.09.2014
Seller:- Internet Magazin Dom i Sad
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast'
Torn, cracked or proglas leather jacket, sofa, chair, seat, wheel covers car seat travel bag, raincoat, shoes?
Torn, scratched, clawed, or gnawed by the teeth of dogs and cats leather sofa, chair, armrests furniture require urgent repair. Use for high-quality restoration of the leather is good natural multifactor restorer kit by Liquid Leather Liquid Leather . Original couponchemical also able to restore at home chopped, seasoned and torn cloak, bag, jacket. Using liquid adhesive restorative Liquid Skin Liquid Leather very good quality, quickly and easily repaired seat, trim and wheel of a car, scratched, boots, shoes, sneakers. Almost any impulse, deep scratches, scuffs, cracks, burns damage repaired, glued,and restored the polymer Liquid Skin Liquid Leather. It is only important to comply with one condition. Multivariate restorer leather goods and things means Liquid Skin Liquid Leather must be the original and the repaired item only genuine leather.
How to distinguish original set of tools for repair, restoration and repair of leather goods from cheap low-quality knockoff?
Please direct attention to the cost of a set of leather glue. Offer to buy the original restorer leather boots, jackets, soft furniture discounts, promotions, sales, and surprisingly low price should alert the buyer! Tool repair, restoration products, items, items of natural leather material Liquid Skin Liquid Leather not can not be cheap. The composition multifactor reductant repair kit by Liquid Leather original consists only of the natural weight of liquid polymer leather particles. Similar material liquid leather molecules of the polymers used in factory production of natural leather for sofa, chairs, boots, steering, car seats, jackets. Natural liquid leather adhesives, reducing agents are always expensive!
In where and what kind of online store to buy a set of this quality Liquid Skin Liquid Leather at factory price?
We recommend you to buy in online store House and Garden qualitative multivariate reducing agent Liquid Liquid Leather Leather real factory price. Best liquid leather glue repair kit Liquid Lesa ideal for fast, high quality repair, restoration their hands at home torn, damaged, scratched, cut leather items and products. An excellent tool repairs and restores gloves, caps, boots, shoes, boots, raincoat, jacket, interior, steering wheel and seat cars. Leather restorer developed in the United States. Produced in Russia under license from American companies Liquid Leather. Designed efficiently, quickly and accurately yourself at home to glue, to repair, to glue, to restore the cuts, ruptures, deep scrapes, scratches, tears, burns.
The best tool for repair, luting damaged clothes, shoes, things, subjects of natural skin Liquid Liquid Leather Leather when repairing instantly penetrates into the gaps between the bonding material. Liquid leather glue restorer penetrates into the structure of the material, becomes one. Upon completion of the repair couponchemical leaves no residue on the repaired spot the differences. Not afraid of water and moisture.
Shop Home and Garden always gets from its customers excellent reviews sold sets of tools for repair of leather goods Liquid Liquid Leather Leather!
Look gift video instructions on the disc and no problems repair their own hands at home any leather thing! Most importantly, be sure to follow instructions and tips on our online store and manufacturer mnogofaktornaya reductant.
Attention! Repair kit Liquid adhesive, the Liquid reducing agent Lesa is not suitable to cover, to glue, to restore, to repair eco leather, faux leather, leather, synthetic leather, other things unnatural, artificial leather. Special tools for repair of such materials does not exist. The tool Liquid Liquid Leather Leather repairs only natural leather things, objects and products.
Factory equipment includes 7 basic colors. White, blue, brown, black, green, red, yellow plus one jar for mixing colors.
Shop Home and Garden has prepared additional free gifts to every buyer!
Big special table mixing colors and pick the appropriate tone. Table mixing colors to help the user easily by hues to pick up hundreds of the required colour.
Video instruction on DVD disk. Will tell you the steps to properly repair the regenerating means.
Table, video instruction is not provided by the factory kit. Our gifts will greatly facilitate the process of repair, recovery and restoration of damaged leather shoes, clothes, car accessories, furniture, sofa, chairs, bags, hats, gloves.
The websites selling similar LCD such important gifts to the buyer sets do not provide!
Listen to recommendations from the Internet store House and Garden to buy it from us at factory price brand best original maintenance, repair leather products Liquid Liquid Leather Leather. Purchase in online store House and Garden original kit, liquid leather glue reductant is guaranteed to protect the consumer from numerous cheap imitations Liquid Skin .
Sell quality original repair kit, Liquid Leather Liquid Skin directly from the Ufa plant of the manufacturer. Have factory quality certificate confirming firm product documents from the manufacturer of the tool. Liquid regenerating leather glue, bought in the store House and the Garden gets excellent user reviews. Ensures successful DIY repair at home any leather products!
We can buy at retail, small, medium and large bulk set of multivariate Liquid funds Liquid Leather Leather for the restoration and repair of leather goods. Deliver the purchased kits in any locality mail, courier and transport company. Minimum order 1 set.
Price 1470 rubles for the kit. TEL: 89277260320, 89063753197, 89608033739