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Household ionizer, air purifier and air freshener ion Effect for houses, apartments and office

Offer type: salePublished: 18.09.2014
Seller:- Internet Magazin Dom i Sad
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast'
The ionizer ion Effect yourself at home quickly created the healing properties of pure sea, mountain resort climate. Such therapeutic properties home air atmosphere able to carry out the improvement of the body, prevent many chronic diseases. In confirmation of our words look look created by an exclusive video clip.
Home and Garden online store offers to choose and buy for the price of factory amazing useful properties of the portable electronic super purifier ionizer ion effect. Ionizing the environment in the premises of the bipolar device Ion Effect is one of the best purifiers and ionizers ratio inexpensive price plus good quality. Home electronic device for ionization and ozonization gets great user reviews!
Ionization, ozonate and purification of the air environment from harmful impurities in the atmosphere, dust, tobacco and furnace smoke in the house, apartment, office of consumer electronic device ion Effect creates a natural atmosphere amazing healing climate of the sea. In home and office working conditions thanks to silver ions create a full sense of mountain air freshness. Ultrasonic household ozone generator ionizer Ion Effect a great benefit to the health of the adult, child, Pets, plants!
Installed in a room, office, apartment, home, health centers, dispensaries, hospitals, other areas of finding and crowds of people. Bipolar device ozonation ultrasonic electronic super ionizer, air purifier air freshener by ion ionization yourself at home quickly and efficiently fill the air space useful particles of ionic silver. Completely clean the air from dust, tobacco, furnace and other types of smoke, accumulated harmful substances, bacteria in bathrooms, office. By the maximum ionization, cleaning of apartment, office, room, house device is provided with sufficient concentration of negative ions in the room. Therefore, our online shop encourages every family to buy at an affordable price the best ultrasonic electronic ionizer air purifier. Electric household super air purifier ozonizer ion Effect ideal for cleansing and normalizing ion of the useful content of the air in homes, apartments, offices, cottages!
Air cleaner, air purifier air accommodations device Ion Effect has a beneficial effect on the body. E-ionizing device helps to speed recovery for people suffering from respiratory diseases and allergies. Ultrasonic household apparatus Ionizer, air purifier indispensable for the treatment, prevention, allergies, disorders of the nervous system.
Device for ionization, purify and refresh the air from smoke, dust, and harmful weest in the home electronic device ion Effect provides excellent prevention of occurrence of diseases, bronchial asthma, rhinitis, migraine, laryngitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, influenza, forms of bronchitis. Check the device for ozone in children's rooms, bedrooms. Bipolar portable super ionizer ozonator will protect children from the risk of persistent rhinitis, various ARD.
An electronic ozonized device effectively on an area of 25 square meters power to the network device 220 C.
Work for a long time and Your work is often associated with the computer? Best bipolar device clean room from harmful air concentrations ultrasonic device ion Effect just need to buy and put on your desktop at home, in the office. Install a home air purifier ozone ionizer air near your computer monitor. Portable ozone generator air purifier will generate in the home of grace air climate.
Ionization of air particles of ionic silver apparatus Ion Effect will provide less body fatigue, reduce stress and eye fatigue from hard work.
Built-in stylish flashlight on the front panel household bipolar electronic air cleaner ozone generator for home will serve as a beautiful night light in the bedroom.
The instrument air ionizer Ion Effect has pleased buyers. Electronic system ozonator gets a lot of good reviews from users.
Portable home device for ozone and ionization accommodations Ion Effect on the price is much cheaper than its foreign counterparts. Vozduhoochistki electronic device is not inferior to competing devices quality, long term work, cleaning efficiency, ionization of the air environment of the room, house, office. Factory equipment makes detailed instructions on use descriptions for use. The instructions are detailed and clear diagrams and recommendations on the correct installation of the instrument in the hall of houses, apartments and cottages, a working Cabinet office, child and adult bedroom. On the page describing the best bipolar device presents a video with instructions. Some schemes the most correct setting is applied on the photo to ozonized system .
The device does not cause during ionization and ozonization premises harm the health of adults, child, plant, pet.
Produces the best super ultrasonic cleaner, air freshener, air ionizer Russian company NPO BIOS Smolensk.
Online shop Home and Garden is a legally registered partner sales NPO BIOS. Sell only original factory units. The manufacturer of this model of ozone air cleaner is not recommended to choose and purchase a similar device under the trademark ion Effect, which offer to buy at a low price. Especially a lot of cheap low-quality fakes some online stores and retail outlets offer to buy at great discounts, sales, promotions!
We recommend you to choose and buy quality branded household super purifier freshener and air ionizer ion Effect on plant price in our online store Home Garden. We have certificate of original, quality, safety from the exclusive developer and manufacturer of devices enterprise NGO BIOS guarantees the consumer a quality ionization and ozonization accommodations. Original brand ozonizer regularly serves for many years without failure. Provide extended warranty on the purchase of the ionizer.
Sell air ionizer ion Effect in retail, medium, small and large wholesale with delivery to any region of Russia. Minimum retail order 1 set.
Retail price 1 kit 1490 rubles. TEL: 89277260320, 89063753197, 89608033739