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ZA3123 Anatomical model gasoline engine

Offer type: salePublished: 15.09.2014
ZA3123 Anatomical model gasoline engine
Norm: 650×650×1150(length×width×height)
Medium: temperature : -5~40
Humidity ≤80%
Motor type: Yes Jun
Marking of motor: AJR (original benzinmotor four stroke)
Displacement volume: 1.8 Sheng
Operating voltage: 220 volts with samitim vykluchateli leakage current
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Power: 200 watts
A base applies international standard square tube and angle cancer and conducts seamless welding. Autolinea and sanding, surface processes and plastificator, protection from corrosion, non-aging and non-fading, and so on, at the bottom of the frame to install the propeller autoblocante wheel, convenient training
the moving frame;Use a geared motor as a power source to a motor exactly to go.
Purpose of study: to Use this equipment can
Field to learn the system electrically-controlled petrol mechanism, the shape of all elements and mutual connection, forcing pupils to deepen learn the system mechanism of the motor and operation, pomicati students to learn abstraknye control theory.
The main object of study: uznanie organization and principle of operation of the crank mechanisms electrically-controlled petrol; uznanie organization and principle of operation of the fuel supply system; uznanie organization and principle of operation of the cooling system; ; uznanie organization and operation of the lubrication system.
Technical parameters: anatomical model uses the original motor car model, which identified clients, and producing, anatomia the motor,it is possible to demonstrate the internal motor design and configuration of all elements, and After opening, Nude elements as follows: cylinder, piston, Cam shaft and gear, inlet valve, discharge valve, the ignition spark, lubricator, intake manifold, exhaust manifold.