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SS201 equipment production line vehicles-auto spreader

Offer type: salePublished: 15.09.2014
SS201 equipment production line vehicles-auto spreader
Spreader technique introduces CAD/CAM,it combines pneumatic, chemical, CNC, software, production equipment, and other professional and technical one, it is typical mechatronic products.
Spreader with a high degree of automation, programming, simple operation, positioning, accuracy and other characteristics,can be used with different production lines necessary are part of the process of sealing glue to replace manual operations, improve product quality and perfect performance equipment.
Ⅱ .The quality setting
1. X. Y two-axis AC servo motor, linear interpolation can be implemented or circular interpolation, z axes of the gas power plant is mainly used for job transition, in order to achieve the adhesive protector and adjust the rubber mouth and bonding plane.
2. Apply the glue: glue, flat sealing silicone, universal sealed anaerobic adhesive, a cylindrical mounting thread sealants, adhesives, glue, plastic fork, bowl-shaped melt
3. Glue tracks: one type : 600mm×600mm (MAX) , other: 1500mm×1500mm(MAX)
4. Speed gluing: one view : 200mm/s,other: 300mm/s
5.Positioning accuracy repeatability : one view : 0.1 mm,other: 0.05 mm
6. Input method tracks: enter program, CAD import, teach input
7. For plastic containers: use 5 gallon/55 gallon drum plastic/300 ml
8. Pressure power: compressed air 4-bar
9. power supply: AC380, 50HZ
10. power consumption: 3kw