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SS102 equipment production line cars filling machine vacuum

Offer type: salePublished: 15.09.2014
SS102 equipment production line cars filling machine vacuum
The filling system is usually primarily using a vacuum pump to evacuate the sealed vessel,then inspect the tightness of negative pressure,after making examination,using pump speed be pushed into the vessel to achieve a certain pressure,to stop the refilling finally to absorb excess liquid to achieve the standard height of the fluid level,remove the filling head,to perform the refilling of a vacuum.
Ⅱ .The quality setting
1. control way: manual/automatic
2, the volume of gasoline tank: 50L, 180 L(can be customized according to user requirements)
3, the shape of the extra fluid: 55 gallons or farm(inlet pressure not more than 15Bar)
4, temperature range: 20-50
5, the filling speed: 3-50L/min
6, the filling accuracy: 0.5-1%
7, the range of early installation of the filling quantity: 0-999.9 L and quantitative)
8, supply voltage: AC380V
9, gazosnabzhayuschaya pressure: 4-7Bar
10, vacuum: 1-20mbar
11, the pressure: 1-5Bar
12, the gun: automatic clamp cylinder/clamp cylinder manual
13, suitable fluids: coolant, power steering fluid, fluid clutch, brake oil, coolant, etc.
1, Aggregate functions: you can query the number and refueling times,ease of production statistics.
2, Each of minutes to identify the process parameters( for example, gas pressure and vacuum and heated temperature, and so on) .
3, the Detailed content of the alarm, conveniently just in time to troubleshoot.
4, to Introduce imported components, to operate stably .
5, the function of connection to the Internet: RJ45 clip(you can choose)
6, the input scanner: you can distinguish between one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code(you can choose)
7, the speed of the mobile unit and the production line at the same time move
8, the gun enters doped materials of high quality