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ZP6118 Laserneedle educational training equipment

Offer type: salePublished: 15.09.2014
ZP6118 Laserneedle educational training equipment
The scanning laser is formed by laser photoplotter , raster image processing card and the software control of the output. Graphics, images, text, and data on its user-intended for processing, the main circuit Board to the conclusion of the film can be processed one-sided, double-sided, multilayer printed circuit Board film, can be explained Gerber files, PCB files can be direct access, the software is powerful, easy to use.strong function software,easy to use.
Image format: 400mm×300mm(12 inch X16 inch)
Scan density: 4000/8000DPI
Scanning method: there are eight lasers and next scan
Repeat accuracy: ±10μm
Scanning speed : 6 minutes/12 minutes/monot
Way of working: there odnolistovoy manual and semi-automatic
Dimensions: 850 mmX480mmX1100mm
The condition of the interface: interface signals--TTL computer
Applicable scope: advertising, printing, printing, silk mesh, printing circuit Board