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ZP6116 Sushil silk seducible training equipment

Offer type: salePublished: 15.09.2014
ZP6116 Sushil silk seducible training equipment
The fan can carry out forced convection and natural convection,suitable for a variety of experimental requirements
Use: dry your network card and printed chernilo
Performance: you may install and to identify the baking temperature,has the function of adjusting temperature
Temperature range: R. T~300
Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5
The arrival time of the highest temperature: 20min
The temperature deviation: ±3
Method to display the temperature measured and set temperature, digital display LED
Temperature sensor: industrial platinum resistance(PT100)
Case material: electrostatic spraying anticorrosion disposal and cold-rolled steel plate
Inner material: galvanized sheet
Interior door: fire rated stalinite
Insulation material: ultra - thin glass fiber
Sealing collars: green silicon rubber band
Heater: Nickel-chromium electrical heater
Cavity size: D1000mm×W800mm×H1000mm
Power: 4.6 kw
Power supply: AV 220V 50Hz