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ZP6115 Stripper abducible training equipment

Offer type: salePublished: 15.09.2014
ZP6115 Stripper abducible training equipment
This stripper that little production laboratory uses to approach industry Board copper coating and printing industries Board, and to go quickly strip the molds samples and produce. Inside there is a liquid etching,and inject on both sides of the increments,to poison the photosensitive floor in the PCB Board inside the heater to heat the liquid undressing the molds to podhodyashey temperature undressing the molds, with the clock ahead of time to set the time undressing the molds.
1, Type 8 professional import pipc,to spray more evenly.
2, the spray Pressure: antiseptic high-voltage magnetic drive pump ,there is a filtering device.
3, the wire Diameter of 0.1 mm,
4, the Transparent cover,it is convenient to consider.
5, The big sample size: 400×350mm
6, sample Time display: 0.1-5 minutes
7, it is Possible to adjust the heating temperature,heating power: 500W,220V,50Hz,single sided
8, There is granitowa function,the timer may be preset while etching: hours, minutes, seconds
9, the Size of the cavity: 450×400×350mm
10, the dimensions of the: 600×430×500mm
11, Net: CR.
12. there is one special table size: 600×500×500MM, enter corrosion-resistant PVC,below the structure of the Cabinet,may determine the materials, tools and. etc.