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ZP6109 Full automatic polishing machine PCB

Offer type: salePublished: 12.09.2014
ZP6109 Full automatic polishing machine PCB
1.Usage : CCL, aluminum plate , stainless steel, PVC and so on , the non-metallic surface will Zapolarye , bilateral perforated, electroplate copper and tin,will be to arrange printing Chernila and. etc.
2.Function : print, light and sprinkling water, rubber column will absorb water,and has a transfer function.
3.Print width : 60cm,thickness printing: 0.5 mm~6mm
Drive motor: 0.4 KW ,drive speed: 0.2 M~6M/min; fan drying: fan low noise 0.75 KW×(Stucki) ;heating power: 8(pieces) 0.5 KW heating pipes to work harmoniously.