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ZP6108 Westrogothia commutazione pulse metallizirovanaya equipment producine

Offer type: salePublished: 12.09.2014
ZP6108 Westrogothia commutazione pulse metallizirovanaya equipment producine
educational training equipment Structure :
1, to Enter westrogothia forward and reverse pulse plating power switching,to provide even better coverage.
2, the Fuselage and the inner groove of ABS engineering plastics,antiseptic anti-seismic and fire resistant,good technology
3, Use of environmentally friendly technologies black eyes,not to pollute and can be lowered.
4, the Tilting technology cathode,to prevent the concentration gradient,to increase the liquidity of the solution in the inner lugs.
educational training equipment Performance :
1, to Divide the groove into four,is a function of etching , soak conductive adhesive, the activation function , galvanic function.
2, the Transparent cover,it is convenient to consider and keep
3, The biggest Board: 400×400mm ( at one time can be electroplated 5 pieces)
4, the smallest diameter of an eye: 0.3 mm
5, the largest degree of the large diameter: 5﹕1
6, the output common: 0-2kHz(can be converted to DC )
7, Output current: DC 0-5A,reverse current 0-20A
8, pulse Width : input pulse power switching,direct pulse width 0-100%,reverse pulse width 0-100%(can be rebuilt separately) .
9, constant voltage and constant current: current or constant voltage auto-regulation,in real wremaniwogelefehiy current measure and identify.
10, to set the time: the planning function of the working time to display the remaining time and time automatically de-energized to indicate the alarm.
11, the on-screen display : 6-inch wide screen LCD colour display shows all operating parameters.
12, the protection circuit may include a short circuit, the switch and. so on, to provide an alarm.