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ZP6104 Automatic drilling and engraving machine

Offer type: salePublished: 12.09.2014
ZP6104 Automatic drilling and engraving machine
Ⅰ. educational training equipment Function:
1, to carry out automatic boreholes with androgenic chemical balansae
2, to carry out physical engraving latency,
You can cut double-sided latency
Ⅱ. educational training equipment Structure:
1, mechanical chestah mechanism transmission X, Y, Z introduces a linear guide, tensioner slider,to guarantee the slider without gap
2, the Overall structure of the machine introduces a cast aluminum part,generally reservates,the supporting surface napravlyayuschego smooth and stable
3, Each axis (X, Y, Z) enters imported metal pillar from Germany, to move smoothly,high precision carving,the whole machine vibrates low
4, Electromachine spindle: 300W electromachine transformation frequency using cold water,long service life ,can continuously work for more than 10 hours and not voracity.
5, to Install the network card : to install specialized tools,it is convenient to use,at one time, you can drill 5 pieces, but not to use bilateral adhesives
6.There are 10 places for knives and automatic change knife, a protective automatic system,save manual work,reduce errors,improve work efficiency
Ⅲ.Technical parameters:
1, the control Mode: fast DSP chip
2, using computer controlled more Engraving machine
3, the interface Mode : USB
4, PCB storage files: PCB\Gerber
5, sootvetstvuushuu software: Protel99, etc.
6, the interface procedure: the actual line design--blue,machining design Linin--red,pokeredge to reveal a yellow eye
7, the isolated line: there
8, the function of setting the width of the isolation: there is
9, demo virtual processing: there are
10, openwork partial zone: a
11, the resume function: include
12, fast ruschitzka function of the combined knife: features
13, off memory function: include
14, normal is more than 1.0 bar , function of electrically conductive lugs: there
15, the drilling speed: 100 piece/min
16, the drill function mnogosloinykh chains: there are
17, the processing Board: individual and bilateral boards
18, the biggest processing Board: (mm) 300×300
19, the smallest processing line: (mil) 6
20, the smallest distance of a line: (mil) 6
21, the smallest step length: (mm) 0.003125
22, the working speed (mm/s) 0 - 4.8 m/min
to donate: drill- (PCs) 10
to give: the cleaner(PCs) 1