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ZM3108 Training table PH

Offer type: salePublished: 12.09.2014
ZM3108 Training table PH
1 educational training equipment product Description
1.1 educational training equipment Description
This system will be based on pH control training equipment,to study control pH. Through the Related operations,you can find performance values,to master the principle of control and method control,to develop the knowledge and skills of students,suitable for high vocational, secondary vocational schools and colleges teaching-related training and training evaluation.
1.2 educational training equipment Features
Control system control has good quality control techniques,perfectly mimic the requirements of automatic control,every minutes accurately control the pH in the boiler( i.e. the quality of the water in the boiler ) .
(1) the requirements of the industry standard for boiler water pH,every minute automatic control, just to collect digital data , the time to transmit to the control center training table,set the control signal of the host,then the host performs to increase water , acids , alkalis and wastewater.
(2) This system allows students to understand the acidity of the water boiler, and to learn to manage to add the dose via on/off or injection control, to learn to control the Ph;adjusting the PH through manual control, plus the amount of acid and alkali;to learn to control the pH value in 3 ways.
2 quality Setting
1, the dimensions of the control Cabinet: 1000×700×1400mm;
2, Input pipe diameter water samples : φ8;
3, Input pipe diameter acids and alkalis: φ8;
4, the diameter of the sewer pipe: φ8;
5, the Input napryajenie: AC 220V(±22) V;power: 200W。
6, the Name mamaraimova parameter and range emeraency
6.1, pH: (0~14.00) pH;
6.2, mV: (0~±1999) mV。
6.3, conductivity/ TDS value : conductivity: (0~9999) μS/cm3;
6.4, the TDS value: (0~9999) mg/L。
6.5, the temperature value: (-5.0~105.0) ; the temperature of the sample water ≤40。