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ZM2102 Training equipment transparent Elevator

Offer type: salePublished: 12.09.2014
ZM2102 Training equipment transparent Elevator
I. training training equipment system
Training equipment transparent Elevator invented for the educational requirements of mechatronics, it is a complex controller with programmable logic,regulation of frequency conversion, sensor measurement, control space, control of complex two-position measurement and control sequential logic. You can meet the learning programmable control technology, modern management techniques Elevator, the Elevator machinery", etc.. to Match what students of different professional schools ,colleges and technical schools will verify the Elevator and
learning controller with programmable logic.
The project transparent design, internal structure, and the process operation is easy to see. To acquaint students with the structure of the Elevator and its principle of operation.
II. educational training equipment Technical specifications
1.Input power: single-Phase three-wire system 220V±10% 50Hz
2.The working environment: temperature -10~+40
Temperature: 10~+40
Relative humidity: <85%(25)
Altitude: <4000m
3. educational training equipment Installed power: <1.5 kVA
4.Dimensions: 700mm×700mm×2300mm
III.The basic design
1.In the amount of six floors with Elevator