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ZE3116 Training equipment Ratomka drive control and inverter technology

Offer type: salePublished: 12.09.2014
ZE3116 Training equipment Ratomka drive control and inverter technology
1 educational training equipment product Description
1.1 educational training equipment Description
This learning table includes industrial Converter and a few of the typical applications circuit of the sensor,through the experiments can be found with the electrical characteristics of the inverter control, the principle of control and management, to develop the knowledge and skills of students,suitable for high vocational, secondary vocational schools and colleges teaching-related training and training evaluation.
1.2 educational training equipment Features
(1) Training bench with aluminum columns of the frame structure, built of aluminum alloy substrate of operations and platform for education, training sets with rollers on the bottom, it can be moved. Various sensor modules placed on the Board, easy to use, easy to damage.
(2) the Inverter open frame hanging boxes installed, you can directly control the connections and operation and completed several training courses content.
(3) Can be installed on topics related to flexibly increase or decrease units to meet the needs of different users.
(4) Training the buffet has a good security system.
2 quality Setting
(1) Max. Input power: single-phase three-wire 380V±10% 50Hz
(2) dimensions: 1600mm×800mm×1300mm
(3) the capacity of the machine: <1.5 KVA
(4) educational training equipment Weight : <100kg
(5) working Conditions : ambient temperature -10~+40 relative humidity <85%(25) can do the training equipment of contents
(1) setting parameters of the Converter and a frequency modulation experiment
(2) adjusting the speed of the Converter dominates chain
(3) Testing of the inverter, brake unit brake
(4) Load test driving motor Converter
(5) Experiment on the speed Ratomka drive control output Converter
(6) Experiment run Multi-speed Converter
(7) the Experiment process Converter
(8) Experiment run an instant interruption of the power
(9) System experiment positioning speed Converter
(10) the Experiment closed system Converter