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ZE3110 Training equipment on electrical measurement

Offer type: salePublished: 12.09.2014
ZE3110 Training equipment on electrical measurement
1 educational training equipment product Overview
1.1 educational training equipment Review
This training equipment includes electrical devices measuring a different type ,through appropriate experiments can be familiar with working harakteristika appliance, to develop her theory of measurement and its accession to prepare the appropriate knowledge and skills, Appropriate training sootvetstvuushuu professional skills to a high professional, high special schools,secondary vocational schools and technical schools,and to test practical skills
1.2 educational training equipment Feature
(1) Experimental table applies aluminium profile column frame structure at the bottom with a universal wheel can deftly move ,measuring devices and anistreplase to integrate to install,use convenient and safe , not easy to damage
(2) Measuring instrument aims at measuring the shelf can pilot will easily increase and decrease the respective measuring devices in order to meet the needs of different subscribers.
(3) Experimental buffet knows a good security system security
2 educational training equipment Operating parameters
(1) Input power: three-phase five-wire 380V±10% 50Hz
(2) dimensions: 1600mm×800mm×1300mm
(3) Full power: <1.5 KVA
(4) Weight: <100kg
(5) working Conditions:
l educational training equipment ambient Temperature -10~+40
l educational training equipment relative humidity <85%(25)
The first training skills: primary understanding of electrical measuring instruments
The second training skills: use of ammeter, voltmeter, power meter, frequency meter, power factor
The third skill training: the use of a measuring transformer
The fourth training skill: using the ammeter in the form of a manual ticks
The fifth training skill: using analog multimeter
The sixth training skill: using a digital multimeter
The seventh training skill: using digital capacitance meter
The eighth training skill: using testers
Ninth training skill: using a transistor millivoltmeter
The tenth training skill: using the meter
Odinnadcatoe training skill: using a signal generator
Twelfth learning skills: the use of analog oscilloscope
Thirteenth learning skills: using a digital oscilloscope
Fourteenth learning skills: using a stabilized power supply