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Tropical wood IROKO ('IROKO)

Offer type: salePublished: 12.09.2014
Seller:ukrazcam OOO "UKR.AZ.KAM."
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv Oblast', Kyiv
ITC LLC "UKR.AZ.KAM.", as the exclusive supplier of exotic wood from the Republic of Cameroon, offers You a direct WHOLESALE supplies lumber and veneer 34 kinds of valuable breeds of wood (edged Board, bar):
In the green state, or without access of light to the core of yellow color, but when exposed to light quickly becomes Golden brown in color. Sapwood narrow, with a width of 50 - 75 mm, clearly distinguished. Fiber is usually confusing-svilevatyh. Texture is coarse but even. Sometimes in the pits and the grooves, which is likely to be the result of mechanical damage to the tree, there are deposits of calcium carbonate, called "stones". Often these deposits are covered by the wood and become invisible to cutting, although the wood around them can be darker, indicating the presence of sediments. Wood is characterized by excellent mechanical properties comparable to teak, though inferior to him in strength in bending and compression along the grain. Very resistant breed. Wood chlorophora high well handled by most tools, though strongly stopset their cutting edges, especially in the presence of scale deposits. Because svilevatosti in the processing of radial incisions possible scuffing of the fibers.
Iroko is resistant to changes in microclimate, to various pests of wood. It is often used as a substitute for teak for furniture and parquet floors. Before coating polyurethane lacquer requires the application of primers, eliminating the "ignition" of wood.
The wood dries well and quickly without any problems. There is a small tendency to splitting and geometry changes. The coefficients of shrinkage: 2,8% radial; 3,8% tangential; 8.8% of the volume.
Drying - AD
Humidity - 10% ± 2%
Terms of delivery - FOB and CFR.
Minimum delivery is 19 cubic meters.
Price - on request, is formed from the scope and dimensions of wood.
Our company is interested in cooperation with companies (parquet, Windows, doors, furniture, staircases, high-quality joinery, decoration items, construction), the creation of a joint venture in the Republic of Cameroon for the full cycle of processing and production of wood.
Detailed information:
Tel: +38 093 607 56 16
Tel: +38 096 234 23 12