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Sell mobile MiniPCI-fireplace "Highlight" price 1800 UAH.

Offer type: salePublished: 11.09.2014
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv Oblast', Kyiv
Sell mobile MiniPCI-fireplace "Highlight" price 1800 UAH.
Size HH cm, length of the furnace (wood bookmarks) 35 cm!
Done with the mind! the heat begins just a few minutes from the chimney and continue for several hours after burning firewood from the inner heat-retaining lining. Orgabusephone! The metal surface is not heated like the rest of furnaces of this type of stove, bouriakov.
The inside is lined with refractory brick, folding, assembled weight 110 kg Heats 12-35 m2. The estimated lifetime of more than 25 years (but I hope your/our children, grandchildren, this method of heating is not necessary, except for the exotic ;)
The desire of workers equipped/upgraded deployemnt the radiator on the chimney (dramatically increases efficiency), glass door, the choice of heat-resistant color from 4 colors, hob.
The cost of delivery/installation available. m 068-808-48-81, Alexander (9:00 - 21:00)