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The valuation of a business, land, real estate

Offer type: servicesPublished: 11.09.2014
Seller:Vera Mihajlovna
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Address:Russian Federation, Lipetskaya Oblast', Lipetsk
Independent evaluation of LLC "SAN"
We will perform for You - the property valuation, property valuation of equipment, facilities, business valuation, land; for You
valuation of shares (OJSC, CJSC), valuation of shares, revaluation of fixed assets; assessment of special equipment, assessment of machine tools, machinery, assessment of transport.
Assessment of utilities: water, sewer, heat, electricity, fiber-optic lines.
For collateral, credit, inheritance, split-merge, share capital, sale of property disputes.
Save Your time:
You don't have anywhere to go, just call.
The appraiser visits the place of the evaluated objects.
You: copies of the documents that identify the object.
On - demand monitoring.
Flexible schedule, individual approach.