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Technology and equipment for production of energy-saving four-layer building blocks and products of high-strength concrete

Offer type: salePublished: 10.09.2014
Seller:Semina Alena
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Address:Russian Federation, Nizhegorodskaya Oblast'
The company "Krennerich" is engaged in development of technologies and equipment for manufacture of products from krennerite - high-strength concrete. We are ready to offer You a new direction in business development in Your region:
- Technology and equipment for production of tiles and finishing products - facing stone, cladding and facade tiles, paving stones, fireplaces, and much more - from krennerite. The following characteristics of krennerite on the basis of which to judge its quality:
class (grade) concrete products strength V (M min);
frost resistance of not less than 400 F;
abrasion of not more than 0.3 g/cm2;
water absorption is not more than 1.5 %;
- Technology and equipment for production of energy-saving four-layer building blocks.
Thermal efficiency of the unit is a multilayered structure, which solves several problems: bearing capacity of the wall, heat insulation and external cladding. The front side of the block is made of material "krennerich" and can have any texture, any color. The main advantage of these units in their low thermal conductivity (heat transfer resistance of walls made of blocks of a thickness of 0.40 m is the same as a wall thickness of 2.3 m, was constructed of conventional silica brick!!!) From them you can build houses and buildings up to 5 floors, since the maximum static load of at least 500 kg/cm2. The inner layer is the insulation can be made of any material, whether minutes fibers, polyurethane, polystyrene. The unit weight of 22 kg 11 replaces half bricks weighing 56 kg, which significantly reduces construction costs. The building of the thermal efficiency of the blocks, for the whole period of its operation, will provide residents the opportunity to escape during the heating period heating costs are 3-4 times less than in buildings constructed in the traditional way, and during the hot summer months will reduce the power consumption of air conditioning in 4 times.
The main advantages of this technology is:
the application is available and cheap raw materials (sand, stone screening dust or clay, cement MD).
low water / cement ratio is 17 %, which ensures a high physico-mechanical characteristics. For comparison, in the production of conventional concrete is normally applied to 50% of water by weight of cement. Although it is known that the normal hydration of cement requires only 15 to 17% of the water from its mass, the rest is just "kills" the quality of the concrete. In conventional vibratory casting technique used W/C 25 - 30 %, which, of course, is also not beneficial to the end result. The inability in ordinary cases, to keep the correct water / cement ratio - the result of a sharp reduction in the fluidity and plasticity of the concrete mix, which is not valid in forming concrete products.
When the production of high-strength concrete used high-tech and with this simple and economical in the circulation line. (If standard production, for example, fences, should not cheap and expensive mixers forced type, large steaming chambers, equipment for welding and blacksmith shops, special metal decking, crane and more. In other words, You must purchase at least plant concrete structures, in our case, the equipment is compact and technology less expensive).