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Water stations OCEAN ® - based pumps LOWARA e-SV

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Seller:Grushevskij Nikolaj
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Address:Russian Federation, Krasnoyarskiy Kray, Krasnoyarsk
Water stations "OCEAN" are for: water supply and pressure boosting, water treatment, light industry, irrigation and agriculture, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, as well as industry.
The principle of operation of station water "OCEAN" with frequency regulation:
Monitoring and managing the installation of the pressure increasing frequency control performed by the controller.
The feedback signal to increase or decrease the pressure in the system, coming from the pressure sensor to the controller, is compared with the previously entered by the job, and then the error signal is fed to the frequency Converter. The Converter in accordance with the signal changes the frequency of rotation of a working pump. Thus, the frequency Converter constantly maintains the desired pressure in the system.
Consumption with increasing frequency Converter increases the frequency of rotation of a working pump, and at the maximum speed of rotation is enabled, an extra pump. By reducing the consumption frequency Converter reduces the frequency of rotation of a working pump, and when it reaches the minimum speed of rotation turn off additional pumps.
Installation of the frequency Converter operates within a pre-defined interval (hysteresis). When the controller receives a signal failure on one or more pumps, emergency pumps are excluded from the scheme, and the panel lights up the bulb accident on the appropriate pump.
Features water stations with frequency regulation:
Two operating modes: manual (test) and automatic;
Motor protection from short circuit and thermal overload;
Smooth operation of the main pump in the modes of start and stop;
Saving of electricity consumption;
Accounting developments pumps in hours and automatically switch the pump to align the service life of pumps;
Protection of pumps against dry operation;
Providing emergency manual mode the pump unit when the failure of the inverter;
LCD display (4 lines X 12 characters).
Water stations "OCEAN" on Your request can be carried out using certified control cabinets for sprinkler and deluge systems fire with the compliance of fire safety.
Water stations are designed on the basis of vertical pumps e-SV, controlling the performance of a pump through an external frequency Converter.
Maximum flow: up to 174 m3/h, for a series of pumps 1...22SV, up to 750 m3/h, for a series of pumps 33 125SV...
Maximum pressure: 320 m
Pumped liquid: clean water
Number of pumps: 1 to 6
Fluid temperature: up to 99 °C (on request 120 °C)
Maximum ambient temperature: 40 °C
Maximum working pressure: 25 bar
The electric motor rotation speed: 2900 rpm
Mains voltage: 3 x 380 V, 50 Hz