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Lily for the manufacture geogrids

Offer type: salePublished: 04.09.2014
Chinese factory produces and sells equipment for the production of geogrids,geomembranes and geonets. The production process: an extruder for the production of plastic plates-Machine for ACAC Machine for soldering.
Volume geogrid, efficiency Geocell - volumetric cell design of polymeric or synthetic belts fastened together in a checkerboard pattern. In working condition forms a modular cellular structure. Ease of installation of the geogrid in our conditions. The material does not rot, acids, alkalis.
The geogrid - flat rolled material mesh structure formed of elastic ribs from high beam filaments bonded at the nodes connecting thread, weaving, gluing, fusing or otherwise, with the formation of cells that are larger than forming a grid of ribs, treated with special solutions to improve properties and to increase their stability.
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