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Transparent epoxy floor

Offer type: salePublished: 03.09.2014
Seller:Ognev Vasilij
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Address:Russian Federation, Irkutskaya Oblast', Irkutsk
Finish two-component colourless, solvent composition for 3D floors. Epoxy, colorless, transparent low viscosity composition. High hardness and scratch resistance. The UV resistance.
Used to finish when the device 3D floors or photo of the sexes.
Tara 18kg (A+B)
The consumption of 2 kg/m2 for a thickness of 2 mm
The Ratio A : B (3,35 : 1)
components (by weight)
high penetrating ability;
high strength;
chemical resistance;
ideally suited as a binder for various fillers;
high resistance to wear, scratching;
low viscosity;
non-toxic (has a sharp odor during application);
contains no solvent.