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spray dryers Italian company "ICF & Welko"

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
Seller:Nosova Elena Yur'evna
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Address:Ukraine, Odessa oblast', Odesa

Supplied spray drying of the Italian company "ICF Welko" different performance. Produced modernization of spray drying plants of various models: A1-ORC, A1-ORC, BPA-4, BPA-3,VRA, NIRO, ANGYDRO, ZT. If necessary dismantling, installation and commissioning work. Modernize.

1.The dust collection system - installation of new cyclones, gates, if necessary, filters and scruber.

2.Replace the electrical Cabinet and the delivery system of the product in drying tower.

3.Are reequipping spray drying installation in multi-stage drying with the installation of instantized or fluidizer, or fluid bottom.

4.Are reequipping the heating fluid with steam calorifere on double-circuit generator running on natural gas, LP gas or diesel fuel.

5.Produced by the automation process.

6.Eliminate sticking and burning of the powder in the drying the install.

Carry out a complex of works on introduction of plants for the production of the following powders:

1.In the food industry: milk powder, skim and solid; whey and its derivatives; egg powder whole egg, protein and yolk; pectin; inulin; dry fruit and vegetable nectars and juices; dry plant extracts; dry food dyes; protein and amino acid hydrolize; blood, etc.

2.In the pharmaceutical industry: albumin; amino acids; antibioti; vitamins;

3.In the chemical industry: fungicides; insecticides; alkaline-earth carbonate; detergents; resin; salt; tannin; dispersion PVA and copolymers based on it.

4.In the processing industry: silicates; sulfates; sulphites; colloidal sulfides; decorative clay; betonite; kaolin; cryolite; ferrites; pigments; porcelains; porphyries; colloidal silica.