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Natural mink coats, fur coats Mouton, furs, sheepskin coats, leather jackets, coats.

Offer type: salePublished: 30.03.2015
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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv

Natural fur, sheepskin coats, leather jackets, coats.

To buy a fur coat to your beloved means to give the woman her dream.

The proposed retail at wholesale prices genuine coats, coats, leather jackets, coats, hats.

Fur mink, Mouton, chinchilla, Persian lamb, Fox, Fox, raccoon, sable, sheared beaver, nutria, marmot, ferret, rabbit, beaver.

Styles of coats: fur jacket, vest, jacket, fur jacket, fur-coat, coat, fur Bolero, long, short, hooded, auto lady, collar marten and sable, coats, capes.

The location of the pelts of longitudinal, shear, combined, diagonal, herringbone.

Women, men, baby models new season. There is a large sizes!

Producers: Greece, Ukraine, USA, Germany, Turkey, Hong Kong, Italy, China, Canada.

Want to choose a coat, bring your husband. He will than take your time, we will find him a leather jacket or sheepskin.

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Our shop is located in Kharkov at the Mall hot, Playground "Luzhniki" Call!



The coat is not just type outerwear, this is the thing which gives the status. If You want to show off on a secular party, coming out of the car, you can buy a shorter model to mid-thigh. If You care about heat, it is best to choose a model below the knee or long "on the floor". Long coats classic cut stress the respectability of their owner.

To buy a fur coat to your beloved means to give the woman her dream. Jewelry today is no surprise, but the trip to fur shop with the provision of a selection of mink coats will give your girl unprecedented pleasure. Expensive luxury products will not leave your beloved indifferent. At first glance, outerwear is the subject of female choice half of humanity. But as surprising as it sounds, it is gifted man coats of blue mink fur coats, fur jackets, other women's winter the clothes are better women than products purchased on their own.

The warmest traditionally considered coats Fox fur, beaver, foxes, and mutton fur (especially refined sheepskin). Then according to the degree of preservation heat followed by Chubais fur muskrat, nutria, cat, mink, Karakul coats. The most "cold", are considered decorative coats of fur of the ermine and marmot. The fur of the beaver, nutria and muskrat are not afraid of moisture, they can be put on and in thaw.


We offer coats of fur:


Mink can be attributed to "old people", because its natural strength, it can last almost 14 seasons. Not every thing boasts such a long period of service. Designers "not shy" use mink practically wherever possible. Thanks to their creativity and flexibility mink fur, make a beautiful and unusual products: hats, a variety of coats, handbags, jackets, vests, capes, the coupling.

Short and thick fur mink will be able to envelop You in its warmth and care so that the winter will seem not as finicky and "kusuka". One look at fluffy, silky, brilliant and delicate mink fur will make any woman fall in love" in it the cold season. It is worth noting that the fur mink not afraid of any bad weather he even refers to moisture "condescending".


Black mink, perhaps you can give the palm on popularity among the furs. Products from black mink stand out for their elegance, neatness, beauty, glamor and Shine among others. And if handled properly and with all that fur, it can still be classified as the most practical bellows.


The lynx. The natural beauty of the color of the fur of the lynx, it is not processed. For sewing coats are mainly used side skins because they can "boast" of distinct spots, as well as more pleasant and bright color.


Chinchilla. When it comes to chinchilla, in the head, especially women, think not about the animal, and seems to be chic the coat, in which she can flaunt infatuating men and give arguable ground for envy women.The color of the fur of the chinchilla can be the most different. From the white color on the abdomen to dark on the back.


Karakul is synonymous with classic and formal style. Basically Karakul used or grey black shade for classic tailoring products without any frills. Fur Karakul enough socks, unlike any other fur he's not fat, the only negative point, which is firmly entrenched behind the Karakul so this is what it was worn exclusively by women, "middle-aged". However, thanks to some advances in breeding, now Karakul Dating not only classic black, but also other, more colorful natural shades such as: amber, gold, platinum, blue-gray. Such introduced a variety of colors as well as newer manufacturing processes have attracted attention to karakolu youth.


Mex from Fox

At the mere mention of long, thick, and fluffy incredibly beautiful fur Fox, involuntarily the Association is born with Bohemian lifestyle. The fur Fox is so elegant, artsy, he more as the evening dress to wear for a particular publication. So every time You wear a fur coat silver Fox fur, feeling holiday immediately settles in Your