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Hygrometer psychrometer VIT-2

Offer type: salePublished: 01.03.2015
Seller:Valentina Ivanovna
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Description Hygrometer psychrometer VIT-2
Psychrometer hygrometer. Humidity: 20 - 90%. Temperature: 15 To 40°C.

Hygrometers psychrometric VIT-2 is designed to measure relative humidity and temperature of the air in the room.

Hygrometer psychrometer type VIT is a device assembled on the basis of phenolic or other materials with similar properties. Are fixed to the base two thermometers with scale, psychrometric table, glass feeder filled with distilled water. Tank thermometer under".." moistened from the feeder through a match of Batista or chiffon.

Method of measuring relative humidity hygrometer psychrometer (VIT-1, VIT-2) based on the relationship between humidity and psychrometric difference - the difference in the readings of "dry" and "wet" thermometer, which is in thermodynamic equilibrium with the environment. Removing the thermometer readings and introducing amendments in their readings, determine the difference in the readings of the thermometers. Then by reading "dry" thermometer and the difference in readings of "dry" and "wet" thermometer determine the relative humidity of the air psychrometric table.

Main features:

Characteristics VIT-1 VIT-2
Measuring range relative humidity minutes, 20...20...90 90
Temperature range humidity measurement, °C 5...25 20...40
The range of measurement temperature, °C 0...25 15...40
The scale interval, °C 0.2 0.2
Overall dimensions, mm Hg HH
Thermometric liquid Toluene, methylcarbamoyl Toluene, methylcarbamoyl