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Selling peat briquettes BT 2

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Price:700 000 BYR
Seller:Ol'ga Anatol'evna
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Address:Republic of Belarus, Minsk
The fuel briquettes BT-2 are intended for household use and for burning in small and large hot water boilers and steam boilers.Indicators of quality of briquettes meet standards: Mass fraction of total moisture in working condition no more than 20% The ash content of not more than 23% The mechanical strength of not less than 94% Mass fraction of fines not more than 7% Mass fraction of partially destroyed briquettes no more than 25%. For production of briquettes milled peat is used STB 917-2006. Briquettes are eco-friendly fuel, non-toxic under normal conditions fire - and explosion-eligible SanPiN. The size of the briquettes are not regulated.