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The traction control RT3 Regulus for solid fuel boilers

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
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Address:Ukraine, Vinnytsia Oblast', Vinnytsya

Thermostatic dampers Regulus RT3 is used to regulate the power of boilers for solid fuel by the valve control air flow in the combustion chamber. The advantage of traction control RT3 Regulus is a powerful, mechanically strong and heat-resistant design. Thanks to the double scale controllers can be installed in both the horizontal and vertical position. Applied quality thermostatic element known French manufacturer guarantees high precision and durability regulators.

The traction control Regulus RT3 works without feeding electric current, a thermostatic element maintains the temperature of the heating water leaving the boiler, the value that is configured on the handle, which opens or closes the damper supply air into the combustion chamber, and thereby increases or decreases the capacity of the boiler. Connection size throttle Regulus RT3 - G3/4". (comes with an adapter for G1".)

Technical data:

Adjustment range: 30 - 90°C

Maximum water temperature: 120°C

Maximum ambient temperature: 60°C

Load chain: 100 - 800 g

Operating position: horizontal, vertical

Installation of power control solid fuel boiler Regulus RT3:

The regulator Regulus RT3 screw the externally threaded to the fitting in the boiler with internal thread. Threaded connection seal (e.g., sealant mastic Siseal, Teflon tape,...). The knob to turn to in case of horizontal installation (a) the tip to secure the rod downward, vertical installation (b) - was sent forward, and when the horizontal side installation (c) was directed upwards. Remove the plastic transport tube and instead insert the hex lever front side, in which no holes. Tighten the screw to secure the rod in this position, the free end must be above the holder chain on the door of the boiler, and the lever arm should be as close as possible to the horizontal position (hexagon). Insert the larger the hook the chain still connected with it, in the hole of the lever. The second end of the chain slide through the holder on the door of the boiler, and the free end fix free hook on the hanging chain. Check whether hanging chain freely and freely moves the lever (turn button). When installing the controller in position (a) we should focus on the white scale. When installing in clauses (b) and (c) be guided by the red scale.