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Ovens used

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

Sold the oven b/y: Lainox , Angelo Po, Unox, Kuppersbush, Zanussi, Salva, Polin, Fagor, Gierre, a rational understanding of everything is in working condition.

In stock:

The oven Lainox Aroma PE005M

Dimensions: 1020*1050*1890. Type: confectionery, number of levels, items: 5, connection type: electric / Panel controls: Electromechanical / temperature Range: 30-300 / Size trays, mm: h Rastey wardrobe with humidification and ventilation system. Confectionery furnace AROMA production company LAINOX simplify the work specialists in confectionery and bakery products, emphasizing natural the taste and flavour of the ingredients and creating delicious and soblaznitelnye desserts. Constructive and clear philosophy, whose main goal is innovation and research makes LAINOX unique company for which the permanent the improvement is a daily work. Confectionery oven LAINOX is much more than a conventional oven.


The oven Zanyssi mod. FCF/E201/1 20 levels

Dimensions 890*1000*1700. Type : electrical Connection : 380 V, MAX temperature : 300 ºC . Built-in steam generator, Digital control panel ; operating Modes: convection; pairs: combined cooking (convection+ steam); pairs at low temperatures; regeneration. the ideal solution for small businesses catering, where compact equipment with low power consumption, maximum reliability and modern design. Xfit all right for cooking all kinds of foods such as sweets, meat, fish, vegetables, grill, casseroles, and also regeneration klaedens and frozen products. Different products can be prepared in the same oven without mixing tastes and odors. Chamber furnaces are made of Orthodox food steel without seams and joints. Doors are double glazing and silicone sealant, resistant to temperature and time.


The oven Angelo Po b/y

The oven in stainless steel; dimensions - HH mm, capacity 6хGN1/1, halogen lights, camera, interactive graphic display (150), the temperature of +30...+300*manual steam inlet, automatic washing programme, thermo probe, automatic cooking

Manufacturer: Angelo Po (Italy)


Oven Polin used

Polin used 10 levels 80 programs in working condition. The furnace is designed for baking a wide range of bakery and confectionery products. The design of furnaces can make products with uniform color and full propekaemost . The available control panel interface allows you to use oven without specialized training. Country of origin Italy. Dimensions: 770*1100*1260, size protina 600*400.

And there are other models of ovens.


Warehouse/used equipment. Sent to any city The Ukraine. Prices and availability of equipment check by phone.

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