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Sell edge milling machine SKF-4

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Price:12 000 UAH
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv Oblast', Brovary

The width of the edging material 19 mm - 50
The thickness of the edging material, mm 0.4 - 3
The part thickness, mm 16 - 45
Inner radius (minimum), 40 mm
Speed cutters, vol./minutes 13100
Desktop size, mm h
The pressure in the pneumatic system (nominal), 6 bar
Power Supply, 380
Total electrical power kW 1,2
Dimensions, W×D×, 920 mm ×700×1200
Weight kg 105

Edge milling machine SKF-4 allows you to remove overhangs the edges, which is pasted on the furniture boards, simultaneously from both sides, as on straight and curved workpieces. This significantly increases productivity. The machine has two independently suspended milling site, covering the workpiece on both sides, squeezing her with the air cylinder. This, along with micrometric adjustment screws allow precise positioning of the workpiece relative to the cutter, providing high-quality edging.
To track the surface of the workpiece using special supports which form between themselves and the procurement of an air cushion, providing easy flow of the workpiece and preventing ingress of swarf under the support and sticking to them.
Setting the thickness of the workpiece to carry out is not necessary, as it provides automatic mixing and milling sites.
The indisputable advantage of this machine is the ability to quickly customize for processing edges of different thickness. This is done using a special device and takes less than one minute.
Feed the workpiece during machining is performed manually. Using support bars, special templates or want support.
This machine is intended for manufacturers of furniture that have high edge-banding machines not equipped milling sites. This inevitably raises the issue of handling a large number of labeled edges, this problem makes it possible to solve the acquisition of edge milling machine SKF-4.