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The pyrolized boilers Atmos

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Solid pyrolysis boilers Atmos DC series are among the most efficient solid fuel boilers.

The boiler consists of two chambers located one above the other. Cover the pyrolized wood-fired boilers ATMOS made from high quality 6-mm steel.


Manufacturer: Czech Republic

A number of possibilities: 14,9 KV, 18 KV; kV; 25 kW; kW; 40 kV; 50 kV; 70kv.

Efficiency from 83% to 92%

- uniform and efficient combustion at different power levels

- adjustable exhaust fan simplifies the firing boiler

- low fuel consumption

- almost completely eliminated the smoke boiler

- optimum burning of firewood

- easy maintenance and cleaning of the boiler

the thermostat will automatically shut off the boiler after burning wood

- cooling circuit against overheating, do not let the boiler boil

- pre-heating of the air causes drying wood in the furnace, reduces the level of tar and acids, maximizes the effectiveness and efficiency of the boiler

large access door fuel tank allows flushing logs large diameter (40 cm)

large fuel container allows flushing logs large size (up to 1 meter)

- reduce effort, time and energy required to file and the timber volume that znachitelyonaja the number of visits to the boiler

- switch on the boiler continues to operate on low power and without


- highest quality and reliability at relatively low price

- comfort of operation, ease of maintenance

- environmentally friendly and thrift in relation to the environment