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Self-adhesive lamp-bulb Stick Up Bulb on batteries

Offer type: salePublished: 01.03.2015
Price:130 UAH
Seller:Chernyisheva Elena
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

Self-adhesive lamp-bulb Stick Up Bulb on batteries - excellent choice for home use. You easily will be able to cover all angles, to that's impossible to hold the wiring. Use wireless self-adhesive lamp on the street for lighting porches, gazebos, log in utility rooms, etc.

With convenient lamp self-adhesive stand, Stick Up Bulb , You no longer have to look for an outlet. You will be able illuminate every corner of your home, wardrobe, pantry, staircase.

Lamp-bulb Stick Up Bulb runs on 4 AA batteries, so E. you can take with you on vacation, fishing, Hiking.

To attach the stand, you remove the protective film. Then install the stand on a pre-cleared place. Insert the batteries in the lamp and place it in the stand. Only to turn on, pulling the lace. To transfer to another location detach the stand and glue it together with the lamp in necessary for lighting the place.

Features self-adhesive lamp-light Stick Up Bulb battery:

· Just set

· Wireless

· Independent from the outlet

· Not heated

· Shockproof.

During power outages you can remove the lamp from the stand and used as a flashlight.