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Self-adhesive lamps on 4 LEDs, 2pcs. complete

Offer type: salePublished: 01.03.2015
Price:95 UAH
Seller:Chernyisheva Elena
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

You need light in hard to reach places? Tired carry and a bunch of adapters? We offer lamps Stick n Click, through which the light quickly and easily appears anywhere!
- universal.
- wide coverage coverage.
- 4 super bright LEDs
- no tools are needed!
- compact and lightweight, allowing you to move without problems.
lamp safe
- stylish design.
- 100 hours operation.
- easy to fix on any surface, in any position.
Lamp Discharge ENd CLIR very effective and practical. Such a thing would please everyone and you will find its applicable in any home. To illuminate the room and climb on attic, we often wanted to take a flashlight or carrying. But now these problems not going to bother You.
Self-adhesive lamp is ideal for lighting kitchens, closets, pantries, attics, restrooms, etc.
For their installation requires only a few seconds. Peel off the protective film from two Velcro, attach the lamps in the right place and turn them on one click.
Led bulb well illuminate any room. Each indicator requires 3 AAA batteries (not included).
In a dark little room, under the kitchen Cabinet, attic or warehouse - in any place you can use lamp Stick - N - Click ™. 4 super - bright white Swetlana included with a single click. Light and safe lamps allow them to be mounted anywhere!
Enjoy bright white light wherever You need. Install lamp quickly, simply and without tools.
Versatile and self-adhesive lamp can also be used outdoors the air or Hiking, for example in the tent.
Portable lamps will be useful for lighting in the vehicle. They can to fix in the car trunk, behind the seat on the door of the vehicle, the glove compartment.
Type of lamp - wall - ceiling.
The number of led lamps - 4.
The bulb type - led.
Material - plastic.
The style of hi - tech.
Color - silver


· LED lamp - 2 PCs

· Blister packaging

· Dimensions lamp: diameter 65 mm