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Vacuum massager with cooling Ruhle MKR 600 restored

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
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We offer to Your attention high-performance and reliable vacuum massager Ruhle MKR 600. The massager can be used for processing fillet of chicken with a weight gain of up to 25%, as well as carcasses and wings with the bone.

The design of the massager: fixed drum and the movable blade inside, through which the processed product. The sides and bottom of the drum are cooled.

The position of the drum can be adjusted to achieve the most gentle on the product. The cooling jacket of the drum does not allow the product to be heated, which considerably speeds up the processing of meat and saves the consumer properties of the product.


• Integrated cooling system of the drum allows the processing of the product under strict certain temperature (-2C), which positively affects the quality of treatment and increased output.

• Smooth adjustment of speed of rotation of the blade allows you to handle different products with the necessary conditions for them.

• Reliable vacuum system with a vacuum pump of stainless steel. steel (degree of vacuum up to 95%) allows to achieve the maximum quality of the product.

• Ionization and filtration provides the most comfortable working conditions, neutralizes up to 90% of the microorganisms present inside the machine

• Conveniently located control panel with touch screen greatly simplifies the operation of the machine and allows you to easily set and modify any of its parameters: aeration, speed of rotation, the degree of filtering and the position of the drum.

• Automatic adjustment of the drum makes it possible to recycle the product.

• Special mounting and fixing of the blade allows you to quickly remove it for cleaning, thus simplifying cleaning and ensuring perfect hygiene results.

• The special shape of the blade allows you to work with any product, the blade is equipped with a scraper, which removes any deposits from the surface of the drum.

• Perfect seams and joints in structures simplify the procedure of washing and ensure the exceptional result of hygiene.

• German product quality is confirmed by 2 years hardware warranty



Height: 1700 - 2100 mm

Length: 1580 - 1950 mm

Width: 2140 mm

Parameters power supply: 400 V / 3 kW / 16 a

Weight: 1400 kg

Hopper capacity: 600 l

The type of refrigerant: R 404

The number of revolutions of the stirrer: 0-25 rpm