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kuroshima maja 5700

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
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Fully restored at the factory, perfect condition!

Detailed description of the equipment

Machine VBA 5550/5700 used for automatic removal of the skins from flat pieces of meat, intended for industrial enterprises. Through a detailed recognition of the processed product achieves the most accurate and high performance. Any product is soft or very hard, thin or very thick - served to the mechanism for removing the skins of an improved clamping device.

The advantages of VBA 5550:

the industrial processing of flat and thick pieces of meat;

the ideal width of the slice, in 554/754 mm;

the level is adjustable clamp product;

continuous adjustment of the knives;

the button system on/off;

replacement knives and cleaning without removing the blade retainer;

robust design of 3 mm steel;

rollaway conveyer, removable presser roller;

a high standard of hygiene;

• Cutting speed - 32 m/min

• Power - 1.1 kW

• Size - 1051 x 1857 x 1305 mm

• Weight - 450 kg