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injector ruhle 56

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
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Automated Complex for Injection MEAT and poultry

RUHLE IR 56 of origin: GERMANY

Fully automated filling the brine, with variable injection technology and management system that allows you to control every stage of the workflow. This set of technologies ensures a truly unique performance injection and higher performance.

Fully kompjyuterizirovany complex obepechivaet renomeron and accurate injectiona with the possibility of filling 5000 kg of meat for 1 cycle with the degree of injection of from 5 to 80 percent. Almost fully automated workflow is started by pressing just one button.

The complex filling brine equipped with the necessary technology to monitor all stages of the workflow - whether it's temperature, the percentage of injection or weight. all this not only guarantees safe working conditions, but also the ability to quickly detect errors at any point in time.

The computer stores all the data on the working process. which can be represented in the form of diagrams or tables. Further, they can be forwarded to the office through the network for further processing.


Regardless of the processed product, the control unit quickly synchronizes the 9 programs to achieve excellent results injection.

All changes in the process are carefully monitored and recorded, and the work machine is reconfigured. Unique software transmits to the operator all the information on the process or the cleaning process

All the parameters - the temperature of the brine, working pressure, the percentage of injection, the composition of the brine, the status of cleaning and hygiene, duty cycle, consumption and consumption are controlled by the computer.

Under each product can be formed by self-injection program in almost any language.

The control of each needle for greater accuracy and best performance.

Regardless of the loading conveyor and the height of each piece of meat in the process of injection involves only those needles which are really necessary at the moment. The injection of the brine is only at the moment of passage of the meat. This means the uniformity of the injection brine without pressure loss and minimize the return of the brine.

Stop feeding brine when hitting bone.

When injected the needle into the bone, the feed brine is immediately terminated, vozobnovlyali only when the retraction of the needle. This allows you to avoid areas of excessive filling in the area of the bone and, thus, provides an ideal uniformity of asimenia product brine.

High-performance centrifugal pump is a delicate process of injection directly into the fibers of the meat.

Powerful rotary pump provides a pressure of from 1 to 6 BAR. With pomoshyu it with minimal damage to the fibers is injectiona most large volumes of brine. The process is so accurate that fiber sovereshenno not damaged.

Izmenyaemoy skorosti injection from 1 to 80 injections per minute provides not only the intensity of the workflow, but also allows dobitsya perfect precision injection as when working with 80% and 5% injection, and all this just in one cycle.

- Easy access to the working elements of the machine ensures fast cleaning process. In addition, the machine is equipped with an automatic smooched - cleanliness and hygiene inside the machine is ensured.

- Wide pipeline for large pieces of meat.


- stainless steel;

- special case for injection poultry 14 needles in 4 rows (56 needles);

a control computer with touch pad (touch-panel);

- built-in mixer for brine;

system recirculation of brine with built-in filtration system;

- feed lifting system 5 boxes;

the production system diagnostics;

- pump with protection from vibration;

- adjust the injection pressure;

injection of brine without pressure on the product;

- easily removable conveyor stainless steel;

- adjustable height working passage;

- supply system brine (pipelines) stainless steel;

polymer bearings, maintenance-free;

- complies with CE and GS and international safety standards.

Controller with touch control synchronizes the nine power drive units, allowing you to quickly adapt to product type. The parameters of all processes are documented. The software informs the operator, or displays on the computer all the data production process or the automatic cleaning cycle.