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injector gunther pi 54

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
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Curing both meat Guenther

In the technology of meat curing injector plays a significant role. Such installations are compared according to the criteria time performance, accuracy, amount of injected brine, ease of maintenance and cleaning. In the field of production technology for injection leading position in quality is the company günther, paetkau we offer You it equipment.

Brine injector for meat model PI 54/105 MC2R is the model that started the application management MC2R. The concept of this machine with an ergonomic and easy to maintain design is really modern. Purchasing this injector for meat for their production, You will be able not only to appreciate, allhis pluses, but not to assess minoso, which could You to demonstrate injector for meat from another manufacturer.

Features curing injectors for meat Guenther

The management model MC2R is very simple. Lifting height speed needle beams, the speed of movement of the conveyor, the time between climbs, once or twice, injecting and filling pressure can be precisely set with the control panel.

All the injectors for meat Guenther equipped with needle beam high precision, which allows for a short time to convert the machine to work with a different number of needles. The conveyor and the needle beam are directly driven by an induction motor.

In addition to the integrated pre-filtration is also possible to fit the injector for meat filtration of brine. The brine passing through the rotary filter installation, served pure brine system injector for meat.

Raising the front cover of the machine, chamber Ambassador is fully open for review.

Special conveyor feed mechanism can be easily removed for thorough cleaning of the machine. A beveled surface in the chamber of the Ambassador is not allowed to accumulate to the brine or water at the sink. This design meets all the requirements of hygiene and efficiency.

Characteristics of the model range of curing injectors for meat

An advanced, convenient operation technique;

High quality of production;

Compact, easy to service design entirely of stainless steel;

Multi-stage filtration system brine;

Fully removable conveyor for washing;

Change needles takes a few seconds;

Simple and intuitive operation of the machine;

Bassegoda system needle beams with a quick change of the needle;

Comes with pump, depending on the product (rotary pump supplied as standard, optional piston);

A wide selection of optional equipment;


Brine injector PI 54/105 MC2R

The number of needles 54/105

Length, mm 1750

Width, mm 860

Height, mm 2200

The length of the transport belt, 1500 mm

Working width, mm 365

The height of the passage of product, mm 190/220

Working height mm 1030

The width of the filtration unit, 550 mm

Connection capacity, kW 7,0

Delivery time 2 weeks!