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Used equipment for public catering.

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
Price:99 UAH
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

Sold equipment for catering:

The oven used, a convection oven is used, a steam oven b/I, oven/used, confectionery oven b/a, dishwasher b/frontal-type dishwasher b/I dome type dishwasher W/the tunnel type, ice maker b/I, the grinder used deep fryer used, deep fryer gas used, the bread slicer used, mucoperiosteal b/y, refrigerated Cabinet used, confectionery showcase used, freezer, showcase b/y, thermal window used, the blender used, spiral dough mixer used, removala machine used, toaster b\y, the slicer used, the distribution line used, the heat Bain b, refrigeration Bain used, cash place b/I, oven surface is used, the grill presser b/y, oven gas b/I, oven electric b/I, refrigerator b/I, cooling Cabinet b, chest freezer, used chest freezer b/I, freezer b/I, wardrobe (camera) shock freezing b/y, refrigerated buffet b/y, freezer, table b, heat table b, sociographical used, the vacuum packer is used, sheeters the machine is used, the pizza oven is used, bake pizza on the wood used, table pizza b/y, bar b, bar station b, tenderizer b/I, saw for meat b/y, blender for milkshakes used the juicer for firm b, juicer for citrus used, the apparatus Shawarma b, certificate b/a, machine b, the grinder used, proselochnaya coffee grinder used, it is used, pancake maker b/I, rice cooker b/y, tureen b/y, freezer b/I, grilled chicken b/y, rastey closet b/I, wine wardrobe used, Regal used, the Smoking device used, granitor b/y, pan industrial b/y, sushi case b/a, scale b, telepress b/y, the ventilation system is used, the air-conditioned b/I, microwave b/I, thermopot b/y, a saw for cutting the carcass of the bird b/I, oven for baking potatoes b/y, cooling Cabinet stainless steel used chest freezer, stainless steel b/a all equipment after the pre-sale preparation.

And sold furniture and neutral stainless steel hardware:

Sofa b/y, chairs b/y, bar chairs b, tables b, bar table, b/a, clothes hangers used, Ottoman b/y, wardrobe/used, furniture used, mark Drover used, club sofas used, chairs used, sofa-booth b, with tol office used, wooden chairs used, table from n/W, shelf, stainless steel b/I, shelf h/W mounted with sliding doors b/y, sink h/W single b/a, washer h/W two-section b, table with stainless sink b/y, table, stainless steel with hole for waste/used, table-stand stainless used, the table-drawer in stainless steel with sliding doors b/y, table-stand for plate b, table for cutting of stainless steel products b/u deck for cutting meat (plastic top) b/a, washing stainless wall b/a, washing stainless 3 breakout b/a, kitchen sink stainless, 4-section b/a, washing aluminum/used, tub stainless used, shelf stainless steel single-level b/y, shelf, stainless steel 2-tier b/y, shelf stainless steel 3-tier b/y, a shelf for drying dishes, stainless steel b/I, rack stainless used, stainless steel b/I, an umbrella for a range hood stainless used, umbrella with zerolevel with stainless steel used, the umbrella for hoods galvanized stainless steel tank used, countertop stainless b/I shelves stainless steel hinged used, serologically stainless used.

The stock of used equipment. We deliver to any city of Ukraine. Rates and equipment check by phone.

Work Mon.-Fri. with 10.00-19.00.

Address: , Kyiv, street Engineering 39 and