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Winch shaft

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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv

Winch shaft have a specific design, consist of so-called separate transportable sites, the main ones are the following items: electric or air motor, gear motor, blocks the working and idle drum brakes and other

Differ winch shaft dimensions, specific purpose, applicationName characteristics, drive type, layout, capacity.

Mine winch have a wide application area: used in underground and open developments, for transporting separated from the rock mass by horizontal and inclined mine workings, to move cargo and equipment, i.e. as electric lifting and pulling mechanism.


There a huge variety of mine libdoc: helper (transport, distribution), regimental (sinking), scraper, landing, shunting, tyagalnye, haulage and other


Winch scraper LS-10, LS-17, LS-30, LS-55 and LS-110

Winch shunting LM-71 and LM-140

Winch auxiliary LSV-01, LSV-25 and SEAM-18000×0,25 P

Winch auxiliary LV-09, MS-25, MS-45 and LD-24

Winch pneumatic PL and PML

Winch boarding LPK-10B and LSM

Winch regimental (sinking) let-10, let-16, let-25, LPAP-10/800, LPAP and LPT

Winch tyagalnye high power BL-1200

Winch auxiliary series LV (JD)

Winch transport auxiliary, a series of LP (JYB)

Winch auxiliary shunting series LV (JDM, 2JDM and 4JC)

Winch low series JHMB

Winch two-speed multifunction series JSDB

Winch boarding multifunction series LPK-10B (JH)

Winch tunneling series let (JZ)

Lifting machine series 1TS (JTK and JK)