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Clutch Assembly (CVT) chainsaw "Good Luck" 45/52

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
Price:71.50 UAH
Seller:Internet-servis MotoFan
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Address:Sloviansk, Ukraine, Donets'ka Oblast'

Clutch Assembly (CVT) chainsaw "Good Luck" 45/52 "noker on"

Modern chainsaws are equipped with a centrifugal clutch type. This clutch is automatically enabled when the number of revolutions of the motor chainsaw above idle. This clutch consists of three movable, friction parts, which are held by a special spring, and by increasing the frequency of rotation of the crankshaft, these friction segments are pressed against the inner side of the drum thereby causing the leading star to rotate. This part of the variator gasoline is a consumable and require periodic replacement by a new one. In case of detection of defects or wear of the friction segments recommend that you replace the part with a new one.
This clutch Assembly is designed for installation in many Chinese model Benzodrank, in particular the Good Luck series 4500 and 5000. This part is made of high quality wear-resistant metal. All sizes are designed according to those conditions. In the variator installed spring made of special spring steel. Very high quality and not expensive the item will last a long time. Recommend!
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