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Nonwoven fabric(Nadenka)

Offer type: salePublished: 30.03.2015
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Company:OOO "Sumyikamvol'"
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Address:Ukraine, Sums'ka Oblast', Sumy

Nonwoven fabric is a material obtained by rolling a variety of raw materials into an even layer with subsequent mandatory firmware zigzag lines. The best known material from this series is batting. The most common raw material for the production of nonwoven fabrics - cotton.

Applications of nonwoven fabric due to its physical and mechanical properties:

 - good hygroscopicity, i.e. the ability of a well to collect, absorb, and retain liquids( water, solvents, motor oil, chemicals, etc.);

- the ability to collect and accumulate particulate matter (dust, dirt, sawdust, etc.) And this ability is preserved, as in a dry and wet condition;

- very low thermal conductivity;

Used in sewing industry as a cushioning and insulating material, in the home used for washing floors, dishes, glass, tile cleaning, dusting, cleaning and polishing of furniture and other surfaces in the furniture industry - for duplication of upholstery fabrics. In the industry for the cleaning of equipment, parts, tools in the factories, workshops, laboratories, garages etc.

Properties of nonwoven fabric:

 - perfectly absorbs liquids ( including oil, paint, etc);

 - good Paleogene;

 - multiple use;

 - perfect for wet and dry cleaning;

 - soft material, not leaving pile;

 - has a high hygroscopicity;

 - easily pressed;

 - leaves wipe the surface of the fibers;

 - serves 3-6 times more than currently used materials for cleaning and the cleaning of equipment.