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Multitul Leatherman Skeletool

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
Seller:Luk Vladimir
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We offer to Your attention multitul Leatherman Skeletool, consisting of three main tools: knife, pliers and screwdriver with interchangeable bits. It's all very tightly and neatly "Packed" at the most lightweight of numerous holes "skeletal" frame. The instrument also includes a carabiner clip that at the same time works as openers for bottles, clip, mounted on the frame, and additional bilateral bit for screwdriver in a small recess of the housing.

Length when folded: 10 cm;
Weight: 142 g

The tools in the kit of multitool Skeletool:
  • Combined knife from a steel NC;
  • Nose;
  • Pliers;
  • Capture for nuts and cylinders;
  • The pliers;
  • Kusachki for a firm wire;
  • Betadigital for large bits;
  • Bottle opener;
  • The carabiner;
  • Interchangeable bits.
  • Style CS
  • Knife length 4 cm from a steel 420HC nippers flat;
  • Scissors;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Bottle opener;
  • Tweezers;
  • The nail file

Multitul Leatherman Skeletool is a wonderful gift for a real man!

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