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Environmentally friendly material.

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Seller:Belous Viktor
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Enough to live surrounded by poisonous furniture. Make a choice in favor of environmentally friendly material! The company DRIVEX has the ability and the desire to present a joiner plate Polish manufacturer PAGED on the territory of Ukraine for the production of quality furniture.

In the pursuit of profit and lower costs for consumables, many furniture manufacturers have put aside coreboard and switched to a cheaper tech materials such as particleboard and MDF. As a result, our house has navodnili low-quality furniture, which is just outside looks contemporary and inside carries a real danger to human life. Think about whether or not small savings loss of the most expensive that we have - our own health! Just imagine that during the entire lifetime chipboard furniture will emit formaldehyde fumes, which is a dangerous toxic substance present in high concentrations lethal to humans!

Moreover in the near future, cabinets and other interior items made of this material will begin to literally fall apart before my eyes. Chipboard is a simple extruded sawdust with the addition of high-quality glue, so the products on their basis has little life and quickly become unusable. You are waiting for the lopsided door, dropped out shelves, constantly poured small debris and as a result depressing appearance recently purchased a new wall.

We do not spend time on thinking up different ways to save on our customers, just well do our robot. We propose to use in products joiner plate, in the manufacture of which does not apply absolutely no harmful substances. Wooden furniture custom furniture material and array differs from furniture made of chipboard. It is environmentally friendly. Stronger and more durable. For example, the shelves of the library, made from them, can withstand considerably higher load deflection than that of the ADI. Also coreboard is an ideal material for the manufacture of treads for various types of stairs.

Thus, the collected products will serve You for many years without losing its original appearance and not the herb pairs of formaldehyde of Your loved ones.

I would like to mention that Blockboard, the price of which is much higher serial low-quality counterparts, quickly justify their investments. It is a furniture Board, consisting of solid pine, the sides of which are covered with birch veneer, as the baseline, or additionally veneered sliced veneer oak, ash and walnut, etc. for use of the facial surfaces such as facades, panels, partitions, and other products. The walls and furniture of the joiner plate can have a thickness of 16-60 mm therefore, the company DRIVEX able to provide Your attention on the territory of Ukraine of any thickness under the order in a minimum order of 25 sheets. Additionally, in warehouses, in Kyiv, and Lviv always have a stock program in the thickness of 19mm and size 2500*1250mm veneered veneered oak , ash, and birch trees in thickness 18mm in size 1250*2500 mm

Today, Blockboard is no competition, because its performance is significantly higher than any other materials used for the same purposes. And professional craftsmen stove miraculously transformed into a comfortable, high-quality, environmentally friendly and beautiful furniture. Call now and find out more details about this material from our qualified consultants.

Thanks to You - we are the best!