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Sell inverter welding Etech MMA 320

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
Price:217 $
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Address:Syevyerodonets'k, Ukraine, Luhans'ka Oblast'
Sell welding inverters Etech MMA 320. This is a powerful, reliable and stable IGBT inverters, work with all types of electrodes, including and especially for welding responsible structures. Most power inverters allows welding metal thickness up to 10 mm and work on long cables. Main features: single-phase power system, forced air cooling, antiprolifera electrode, the voltage 165-250V/50Hz, power consumption 7,26 kVA welding current 10 - 320 And electrode diameter the 1.6-5 mm, weight 7 kg Price 217$.