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Reflective key chains, reflective accessories, reflector, reflective clothes

Offer type: salePublished: 30.03.2015
Company:BeSafe svetootrazhateli
Seller:Hlibanovskaya Polina
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Present new BeSafe! This accessory is made of reflective thread. There are key chains, pendants, jacket, as well as hats, mittens and headbands for children. It is a useful accessory for the safety of children and adults in the dark, in the dusk. With these accessories, the driver will notice a man at a distance of 150 meters in the headlights and will have time to react and slow down!

When hit by light (lights, camera flash) these reflectors glow very brightly!


In the Management of the traffic police Department in Kyiv region confirmed, to ensure that drivers are able to notice pedestrians on the road in the dark or in conditions of poor visibility for safety pedestrians are obliged to take measures to indicate yourself on the road. The risk of getting into danger on the road is reduced significantly, if things marked with reflective elements. The required conspicuity marking elements are marked clothes, shoes, backpacks, bags, etc., containing reflective film. It is particularly important to ensure that such clothing children who return home from school in conditions of poor visibility, or if a pedestrian route runs along unlit roads.


In many countries of Europe reflective elements has long been a habit, becoming not only a vital element, but also a fashion accessory. Want to live in a European, safe? Take care of the presence of reflective accessories, family and friends! Buy Be Safe!


The reflectors can be attached to various vehicles, strollers, sleds, bikes and skateboards. It operates the same rule as in "gear" retroreflective elements of clothing: accessory must be visible from all sides.