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Solid fuel boiler Wichlach. Fuel - coal, firewood, briquettes

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Price:13 600 UAH
Company:'Teplo bez gaza'
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine
The company's products is a large selection of domestic and industrial boilers with capacity from 10 to 1100 kW intended for heating of houses, industrial plants, horticultural plants, agricultural facilities, kindergartens, schools, hospitals, etc.

The undeniable superiority of our boilers over competitive products is: economical, high efficiency, safety, rapidity of fire, ease of installation and maintenance.

Efficiency of solid fuel boilers Valac - 89%, which is the best in this class. Such efficiency is achieved due to the unique design and application of innovations in the scheme of the boiler.

It should also be noted the versatility of these solid fuel boilers, making possible to use any solid fuel.


Due to the unique design of one load of fuel enough for a 48 hour continuous operation of the boiler, this is achieved by using volume of the combustion chamber, as well as due to the fact that 10-15% of the time the fuel in the boiler is in a state of decay.

The housing and the main part of the solid fuel boiler is made of high quality steel plate of great thickness without the use of solder, resulting in no cracks, which minimizes heat loss and increases the reliability and durability of the boiler.

Pipe heating channels fabricated using molybdenum, which increases their resistance to rust and combustion products.

The unique design of the heating channels that are located directly above the burning fuel, prevents heat loss and eliminates the occurrence of smoke.

Thanks to the electronically-controlled fan air circulation, you are able to set your desired temperature. There is also the possibility of slowly changing the temperature in manual or automatic mode with the help room and weather controls.

Advanced mnohopocetny system air supply to the boiler using the self-cleaning nozzles allows to achieve a slow and complete combustion of the fuel. Also, this innovation eliminates the release of energy and ash into the atmosphere.

Our boilers have a fast-firing, which allows you to reach a given temperature for 20 minutes.



Electronic temperature control minimizes the risk of accidents.

In our solid fuel fired boilers installed security group.

Our boilers are equipped with doors with water cooling, which prevents injury to the personnel.


One load of fuel enough for a 48 hour uninterrupted operation of solid fuel boiler.

Easy loading of fuel with a wide, sloping hatch.

The boiler is designed so that it does not require constant cleaning, its internal components do not collect dust and ashes.