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The clock STC-1

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
Seller:Byihovets Ol'ga Vladimirovna
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Address:Ukraine, Chernihivs'ka Oblast', Chernihiv
The clock STC-1 is designed for measuring time intervals, provide a control signal after a predetermined time interval and for transmitting a sequence of pulses of constant current with an adjustable period.
Stopwatch STC-1 can be used when conducting scientific research, production control, issuing commands for managing processes, etc.
Stopwatch STC-1 should be used at ambient temperatures from 5 to 40 °C, relative humidity of 80% at 35 °C and lower temperatures without moisture condensation and atmospheric pressure from 84 to is 106.6 kPa.
The device allows for round the clock operation.