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Manufacture, repair food processing and dairy equipment:

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv Oblast'
Coolers plate: A1-OOL-3, A1-OOL-5, OO-o, A1-OOL-25
Pasteurizing cooling installation (full set): A1-OCL-5, A1-ACL-10
Separators: OM-1A, I-OSB, I-NUMBER 2-T3, j-NUMBER 2-NC, I-NUMBER 2-D-500, A1-GCM-5
Pumps for pumping milk, juices, water: G2-OPA, G2-OPB, G-PDX-G2-PDX
Pump dispersant, Reducing milk powder
The rotary pumps for pumping viscous products cream, mayonnaise, chocolate glaze:
Theorm-2, theorm-5, B3-ORA-2, B3-PR-2A, B3-OPA-10, NSM-10, A9-kPa
Tanks, dairy tanks: a-WWS Capacity for storage, cooling, heating, pasteurization
Bath long pasteurization RAM-300, SDT-600, ANS-600, G6-OPB-1000, G2-OT AND
Masloobrazovateli T1-OM-T3,Tubular pasteurizers PT-5, PT-10
Baths cheese: d-WASP-1, B2-WWS-5, Syrophoenician 1000 l, 1500 l
Press the cheese E8-OPG, E8-cap, Container, shelves, racks, carts, tables
Line cook condensed milk, chocolate glaze, mayonnaise, processing of honey.
Mini dairies.