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Equipment for the manufacture of toilet paper. Paper machine. The PM. All for the manufacture of toilet paper

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
Price:95 000 UAH
Company:OOO 'Papir-Zahid'
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Address:Ukraine, L'vivs'ka Oblast', Drohobych



Manufacturing custom ofequipment for the paper industry.

Equipment for recycling.

Paper machine.

Equipment for the manufacture of toilet paper.



The company "Paper-West offers high-quality equipment for the manufacture of toilet paper from recycled basics.


The kit line includes:


Peremotochnyh machine:

Power - 3-4 tons/day.

Width of base - 2250 mm

Large adjustment range of the density log.

Power - 2.2 KW/H.


Table oklaoma-cumulative:

The width of the log - 2250 mm


Stand mikerophone:

Width Babin - 450mm

The bobbin diameter is 600 mm.


Cutter tochni or disk (choice of client):

( The first in Ukraine tochni cutter with high quality cutting at a speed of about 100 rolls per minute, reliable in operation and inexpensive to maintain. Able cut as paper and pulp basis. )

Power - 5-6 tons/day.

The length of the log - 2 250 mm

Large adjustment range quality the cutting.

Power - 1.5 KW/H.


The cumulative table-packaging:

Capacity - 500 rolls.


Packer pulse:

Joint width - 500 mm

Energoremont - 0.8 KW/H.



Energoremont line - 4.5 KW/H.

Staff - 4 people

The area is 50 m2.

Line weight - 2 500 kg

Warranty of 12 months.

After-sales service.


We make under the order of the individual parts line.