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Firewood split oak, hornbeam, birch

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
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Address:Ukraine, Vinnytsia Oblast', Vinnytsya

Produce and sell firewood; packing in mesh 10 kg - captivity 25cm, oak, hornbeam, birch, alder, packaging and packing of species of wood, mesh, stacked in boxes on 120 mesh: mesh packing in 13.5 kg - oak, alder, hornbeam - wood 33cm, in boxes of 80 or 86 meshes; strong boxes, allows you to repeatedly carry out transshipment of goods. The price is low, quality is good. Humidity on the split 16-25% , as what sticks. There are prepackaged rosalka - grid 13.5 kg to 10kg . low. in the presence of rosalki - 10 boxes. It is possible to send a party of wood Loading and execution at the sender's assortment of different wood species, and different grid by weight). You can export or Ukraine , in the presence of all documents. Meanwhile , until 30.09.14 g-seasonal sneeky.