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Plastic pipe for warm Alfa-pex, PERT 16 mm ( red)

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Price:12 UAH
Company:Teplo v dom
Seller:Aleksandr, Yurij
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

Each the person who installs water heat-insulated floor in his house always wants to find the best solution in terms of price-quality-durability. We we offer, in our opinion, the best in this ratio water pipe floor heating with an oxygen barrier and anti-diffusion protection made by German technology and German equipment Alfa-pex, PERT. The service life of 50 years, a guarantee of 10 years.

This pipe is suitable for use in water supply and individual heating with low temperature heat sources.

"Alfa-pex" is the chimney of the molecular cross-linked polyethylene with an oxygen barrier, manufactured by German technology. Pipe type PERT Alfa-pex made of special material and has anti-diffusion layer OXYDEX, preventing the penetration of oxygen.

Plastic pipes have been used since the late 50-ies, and many of mounted in the time systems still operate successfully. Differences polyethylene pipe high fatigue strength and the presence of kislorodopronitsaemaya diffusion barrier. These properties allow to use these tubes at operating temperatures of the medium to 95, and in short-modes - up to 110 C, it is mostly in systems hot water and heating. Pipes made of cross linked polyethylene steel the next step in the development of plastic pipes. Keeping all advantages of polyethylene pipes, thanks to the new technologies of protection against the permeability of oxygen and get rid of the inherent metal pipes shortcomings, they are today one of the most advanced piping systems.

The advantage of PERT pipe Alfa-pex .

  • Emergency flexibility and strength without the use of a cross-linking agent. The secret is the large number of carbon bonds in molecules.
  • The term service pipes over 50 years. It needs very little maintenance during the operation, which further facilitates the work of public services.
  • Able to withstand high pressure and temperature. The lifetime of the pipes PERT Alfa-pex is defined by nomograms depending on the temperature and pressure of the working environment.
  • Polyethylene pipes 5 to 7 times lighter than steel.
  • The joining of polyethylene pipes is much cheaper, easier and takes less time.
  • No squeaks in the floor water heating systems.
  • Quiet at any speed stream.
  • Hardy and able to withstand several cycles of freezing - thawing (e.g., water).
  • Has high maintainability.
  • Can be used for transporting food, aggressive liquids and gases.
  • Fully meet the requirements of modern aesthetics industry production and operation of pipelines.